Mina Amiri Kalvøy 🎯 Berlin
Recently graduated with a Visual Communication MA from Kunsthochschule Weißensee.
Currently a Master Researcher and Assistant tutor at Kunsthochschule Weißensee.

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The Waiting Room – Chapter I [Link to play]

The Waiting Room – Chapter I [2022] is a non-linear story and game about inventing your own reality, and not just consuming it. In the Waiting Room you play as a character who got lost in a desperate search for entertainment, and uncover their story through a multiple-choice text interface.

GAN Metal Logos

GAN Metal Logos [2021]. GAN trained on a dataset of black metal logos using RunwayML, generating a set of non-existing, illegible GAN metal logos. Later hand embroidered on clothing

Grand Opening!

Grand Opening! [2021] is a LARP based on research done on BER Airport. It consists of 11 characters, a backstory, campaigns and rules.

502201 Magazine

502201 [2018-19] Digital anti-magazine engaging readers in discussions about contemporary societal issues. Co-founder, curator and designer

AGI New Members

AGI New Members [2018] showcases work and interviews from designers who joined the Alliance Graphique Internationale between 2007 and 2017

Irāne Māmān

Irāne Māmān [2018] is my bachelor research project inspired by the past of my Iranian mother