Mina Amiri Kalvøy ☄ Writer and artist based in Berlin

Recently graduated with a Visual Communication MA and as a Master Researcher from Weißensee Academy of Art Berlin. Currently teaching for Visual & Experience Design at The University of Europe for Applied Sciences.

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moths [2023]

“I said: ‘I keep seeing moths everywhere!’” I shouted back. I couldn’t believe I had to repeat myself a third time. They were stopped in their tracks across the street staring at me, not saying a word. Over the last weeks I had been seeing moths all over. A name sign on a neighbour’s door had morphed into a gigantic moth. A smudged out, dusty mark on a wall became a smudged out, dead moth. A piece of paper stuck on the kitchen floor tiles seemed to flutter its wings.

I stared back at them, wondering if they still hadn’t heard me. I tried mirroring their body language, to provoke a reaction. I imitated their tilted heads, arms sticking slightly out from their bodies. It had gotten dark enough outside for the street lamps to turn on. In one swift movement they all snapped their heads up towards the glowing light, their necks cracking. With a small jump they flew up towards the bulb. I stood watching them fly frantically into it, the yellow light getting interrupted each time they got close. I sighed and continued on my walk, my foot tripping as I turned around for a second look.

Quest for the Self [2023]
[Link to read – desktop only]

"Quest for the Self" is the second instalment of The Waiting Room (2022-), an ongoing web-based work of interactive fiction inspired by the phenomenon of reality shifting. As with the first instalment in the series (see below), in "Quest for the Self" readers take control of a character in search for something yet to be revealed. Readers enter a chat room and are presented with the character's personal notes, as well as questionnaires and tests from a guide. Can they be trusted?

Web development by David Barriga Ruano, technical support by Nikola Marić.

The Waiting Room [2022]
[Link to read – desktop only]

The Waiting Room (2022-) is an ongoing web-based work of interactive fiction inspired by reality shifting – a phenomenon described as "transcending" one's consciousness to a desired reality. In the first instalment "The Waiting Room", readers take control of a character lost in the search for entertainment, navigating between rooms through a text-based interface to reveal the character's backstory. Each room's description is randomly generated, ensuring unique play-throughs.

Web development by David Barriga Ruano, technical support by Julian Netzer.

GAN Metal Logos [2021]

GAN trained on a dataset of black metal logos using RunwayML, generating a set of non-existing, illegible GAN metal logos. Later hand embroidered on clothing.

Grand Opening! [2021]

A LARP based on research done on the BER Airport. It consists of 11 characters, a backstory, campaigns and rules.

502201 Magazine [2018-19]

Digital anti-magazine engaging readers in discussions about contemporary societal issues. Co-founder, curator and designer.

AGI New Members [2018]

Showcases work and interviews from designers who joined the Alliance Graphique Internationale between 2007 and 2017.

Irāne Māmān [2018]

My bachelor research project inspired by my Iranian mother's past and experiences.