Mina Amiri Kalvøy ☄︎ Artist and writer based in Berlin

Currently teaching Visual & Experience Design MA at the University of Europe for Applied Sciences.

Previously Researcher (Meisterschüler) in Visual Communication at Weißensee Academy of Art Berlin (2022-23). Alumni of Visual Communication MA at Weißensee Academy of Art Berlin (2020-22).

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WARP, 2024

WARP (Act 1) premiered at the Pogo Bar, KW Institute for Contemporary Art in Berlin, April 2024. It takes us on the journeys of Ae and Em, who find themselves in worlds that are separate but joint, wandering from one place and time to another. Em, trapped in a digital mirror world is seeking a way back, while Ae navigates a disorienting reality resembling ours–only to become increasingly distorted. Through a shared narrative, they encounter various characters one might meet in online forums, on social media and IRL: The Imps, The Gatekeeper, The Guardian and the Jesters. Hidden portals act as gateways and barriers as they try to connect with their surroundings, and each other.

The performance is accompanied by a soundscape composed by Christopher Schmidt. Performance documentation photos by Zhiyuan Yang, and image visual by Veronika Valtonen.

moths, 2024

“I said: I keep seeing moths everywhere,” I shouted again. I couldn’t believe I had to repeat myself a third time. They were stopped in their tracks across the street, staring at me, not saying a word. Over the past few weeks moths had started to appear everywhere I went. A name sign on a neighbour’s door had morphed into a massive moth as I passed by in the hallway. A smudged out, dusty mark on a wall became smudged out, dead moth. A piece of paper clinging to the sticky kitchen floor tiles seemed to flutter its wings.

As time passed by I began collecting the moth-like items as I came across them. Due to a lack of space in my room, already filled to the brim with trinkets, a small altar had started to take shape on one of my window sills. As if handling precious puzzle pieces, some even glittered in the sun, I placed each object with the greatest care.

The night before I saw them stood across from me on the street, I had a strange dream. Giant bat-moths were eating away the walls of my flat, from the inside out. I didn’t get to the part where I had actually seen them, but hearing them chew through the insulation, brick, and wood had sent shivers down my spine, even in my sleep. When I woke up the next morning, the shrine of collected artefacts looked different, as though the objects had been moved and put back in the wrong place.

Out on the street again that evening, I stared back at them, wondering why they weren’t answering. I tried to mirror their body language to provoke them. Tilted my head as theirs were tilted, lifted my arms slightly out from my torso as theirs were lifted slightly out. It had gotten darker outside, and the street lamps turned on. In one swift moment they all snapped their heads up towards the glowing lamp, their necks cracking like dry branches. A small jump, and they flew up towards the bulb. I stood watching them fly frantically into it, the yellow light flickering each time they hit it. One of them hit the bulb with such force that he fell down on the ground, it made a hollow sound. I sighed, walked over, and started dragging his limp body inside.

Quest for the Self, 2023

"Quest for the Self" is the second instalment of The Waiting Room (2022-), an ongoing web-based work of interactive fiction inspired by the phenomenon of reality shifting. As with the first instalment in the series (see below), in "Quest for the Self" readers take control of a character in search for something yet to be revealed. Readers enter a chat room and are presented with the character's personal notes, as well as questionnaires and tests from a guide. Can they be trusted?

Web development by David Barriga Ruano, technical support by Nikola Marić.

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The Waiting Room, 2022

The Waiting Room (2022–) is an ongoing web-based work of interactive fiction inspired by reality shifting – a phenomenon described as "transcending" one's consciousness to a desired reality. In the first instalment "The Waiting Room", readers take control of a character lost in the search for entertainment, navigating between rooms through a text-based interface to reveal the character's backstory. Each room's description is randomly generated, ensuring unique play-throughs. When exhibited, a thermal printer makes it possible for visitors to print their story to bring home.

Web development by David Barriga Ruano, technical support by Julian Netzer.

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GAN Metal Logos, 2020

The GAN Metal logos were inspired by the Norwegian black metal greats. 300 existing black metal logos from bands such as Darkthrone and Mayhem were collected and used as a dataset to train a GAN using RunwayML. A set of new, illegible GAN metal logos were generated and later hand embroidered on clothing.

Available upon request, only produced on-demand. Each logo embroidered on a piece of clothing is generated by the GAN and chosen by the artist, making every piece unique.

Grand Opening!, 2021

Grand Opening! is a LARP based on research done on the BER Airport. The airport finally opened in October 2020, 8 years after the initial opening date in 2012. The LARP is inspired by several anecdotes on what happened during those years – such as the dress rehearsals that were held, the people hired to run empty trains and flush airport toilets, and the idea of using students as human fire alarms. Grand Opening! consists of 11 characters, a backstory, campaigns and rules.

502201 Magazine, 2018–19

Co-founder, curator and designer. 502201 is a digital anti-magazine engaging readers in discussions about contemporary societal issues. Issue 1 focused on the topic of surveillance, and is designed as a large single-page PDF with a square ratio, allowing for non-linear reading.

Issue 2 focused on the topic of patriarchy, taking on a broader range of issues and allowing for a larger group of practitioners and responses. Both issues were published and distributed on USBs.

AGI New Members, 2018

Showcases work and interviews from designers who joined the Alliance Graphique Internationale between 2007 and 2017. Assisted with typesetting and editorial work while interning at Berlin design studio hesign.

Irāne Māmān, 2018

My bachelor research project inspired by my Iranian mother's past and experiences.